Let Go of Perfection… Time to Be BAD!

How much of your time is spent trying to be good… better yet… be “perfect”? How many times has that stopped you from going after things because of your fears of not being perfect? What is perfect anyways? If it means not making any mistakes… then nobody is perfect. Perfection tends to hold people back more so than they know. Whether it be going for a new career change, going back to school, doing something new for your health…. etc.

Pertaining to health, a common myth is that in order to get started, we have to always be “perfect”. Have to eat “perfectly”… we have to act “perfectly”, have to perform our duties “perfectly” … have to exercise “perfectly”…. etc. But what does perfect mean? Perfect means different things to different people. Is it being good all the time? What are the rules anyways? Being good means different things to different people, but it usually means following the rules, being a “good” person by putting everyone else before yourself, conforming to societal norms and behaviors and doing everything perfectly. But to what extent? The self-imposed obligation to be “perfect” can get in the way of your TRUE SELF and your own true desires, which essentially can lead to a lack of fulfillment and resentment.

“Don’t let PERFECTION be the enemy of the good!”

Instead of trying to make your life perfect, give yourself the freedom to make it an adventure. DO SOMETHING BAD! What does this mean??? I’m not saying go out and commit a crime… no we’re not gonna have The Purge kind of days haha, if anybody has seen those films… DON’T DO IT! I’m not condoning that lol. But go and do something bad. Some examples in my course that people have done, call off work one day and just have a mental health day! One lady in the class said right before exiting the elevator, she pushed all the buttons so that it would stop on each floor and then she walked out. Now that’s hilarious! She felt great doing it and even laughed at herself for a bit! Pick a day and choose to eat all your guilty pleasures and DON’T FEEL BAD ABOUT IT!! These are just some examples! But what does this exercise do for you? It helps YOU put yourself in charge of your life instead of the belief system that you have to be good and perfect all the time. This is your time to let go of “perfect”. Be in charge of your life.

LucieXYZ-055.jpgSo tell me, what are you going to do that’s “bad”?!

I hope everyone is having an awesome week! Positive thoughts for the islands of Hawaii as we’re currently in the path of Hurricane Lane!
Peace, Love and Awesomeness,
Coach MelRan ❤


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