Let Go of Peoples’ Opinions!

How often do the opinion of others affect how you really feel? You’d be lying if you say it doesn’t affect you at all, because even if at the slightest, it affects everyone! I can say I don’t care what other people think, but of course, it still hurts inside when somebody says something or doesn’t agree with you or whatever. It affects you some how! The mind is a powerful thing and it messes with you easily!

But really, how often are our choices planned by people who are themselves unhappy, sick, worried about their debts, unhappy in their marriages, careers, weight, looks, ….. etc?? Why do we let the opinion of those that aren’t in charge of our own lives get to us? Are they right? NO! I truly believe these people are at their lowest level, and it makes them feel better when they bring everyone else around them to their levels. For, I don’t want to waste my time with these people if all they want is to bring me down. There’s no arguing with them because you won’t change their minds.

“Stay away from NEGATIVE PEOPLE. They have a PROBLEM for every SOLUTION.”
– Albert Einstein

What you can do for yourself is CHOOSE to not listen. The world does not revolve around them. When one door shuts, many more will open. You will find better people in your lives. You can CHOOSE which people you surround yourself with. So CHOOSE better for yourself. Do what makes you feel at peace.. and don’t base it on the opinion of others. Because in the end, what good does their opinions have in the end results of what you’re trying to accomplish??

The next time someone has an opinion you strongly disagree with,

  • Don’t argue; it’s pointless. You will never change their mind.
  • Let them state their opinion. Try to learn one thing from it. Try to respect one angle of their point of view.
  • Every just wants to be heard.
  • Listen

This exercise was taken from the book “The Power of No” by James Altucher and Claudia Altucher

Continued positive vibes for the islands of Hawaii and Hurricane Lane is coming towards us! The Big Islands have been getting a ton of rain, which is leading to lots of flooding. Coming towards Maui, Lanai and Molokai, then towards Oahu and Kauai! Thank you for all your messages!

Remember, there is only one YOU in the world. Don’t let the opinions of others change YOU! You are unique and you need the world to see YOU!
Peace, Love and Awesomeness,
Coach MelRan ❤


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