10 Tips To Slow Down!

We live in a world full of technology… always on the move… the faster the better. Fast pace is better right? Or is it? It’s never been easier to connect with someone on the other side of the world, yet it’s so easy to feel disconnected from the people closest to us. I remember growing up and super excited when I received a letter from my cousins from across the world, from the Philippines where my family is from. Then came the days when my parents would get a phone card in order to get minutes to call our family every once in a while to catch up and see how everyone is doing. Those were the days we appreciated talking on the phone and having that human connection. Now… we’re surrounded by technology… practically glued right to our fingers. The last thing people see going to bed is usually their phones and then the first things they check are their phones. Truth right? Is this you?

Yet how is it that we are more disconnected with the people right in front of us? We have more tools than ever to simplify tasks and accomplish more things quickly, yet our to-do lists have never been longer. Life is short, and time surely does fly, especially living in this fast paced world we live in. These exercises are meant to help you slow down, live each day mindfully and actually take a breath and enjoy life to focus on whats truly important to you!

We live in a society where we live for social media. We then use it to compare our lives to someone else’s social media life. Comparing ourselves to others only stresses us out more…. so why do we do it? Why are we so fixated on it? TIME TO PUT THAT PHONE DOWN and take a break from social media! It’ll be good for you, PROMISE!

Technology has become a major element in most of our lives. Have you ever actually counted how much time you are spending on the internet checking your social media, email, and web surfing? It is actually hindering our ability to focus by throwing hundreds of ideas at us. It’s no wonder a lot of people nowadays need supplements to help them sleep! Our brains are going a hundred miles a minute and cannot relax when it’s time to sleep. Reduce your internet time and actually try newer things such as new hobbies, sports, reading a book, cooking, or something more relaxing like meditating! Your brain will thank you!

Not only is it good for the soul, but getting some fresh air can give you the rejuvenation your body needs! Might even wake you up when you’re feeling sleepy and thinking you just need another cup of caffeine. Oxygen to your brain is a healthy thing. Take a 5-10 minute break to step outside and breathe fresh air. For me, hiking has become my spiritual activity and I’ve learned that it’s what I need to clear my head. It’s a way for me to disconnected with the hustle and bustle of everyday life… from social media and just from people in general. And when you actually stop to look around, nature is a beautiful thing to stop and admire every once in a while.

Did you know how important chewing is? Chewing is the starting point of digestion and it releases important enzymes in your mouth to start that process. Have you ever counted the number of times you chew your food? Try it sometime. A good number to aim for is 20-30 chews! But take this time to actually be mindful of chewing your food. During this time, take the time to use your senses and actually taste and be grateful for the food that you have. A lot of us speed through meals, missing the chance to appreciate our food’s textures and flavors. Start chewing more or slowly and fully experience the smell, taste, and texture of your food. Your tummy will thank you too… as chewing decreases indigestion.

We all want to spend quality time with our close friends and family, but how often do we get to truly listen and connect? Have you gone out to a restaurant and looked around at the families having dinner? Are they all making eye contact and fully engaged in conversation, being present with each other, or are they all staring at their phones? Is it quality time if they are all staring at their phones? Put away the cellphones and steer clear of noisy environments. Connect on a deeper level. Actually talk to the people around you! No technology needed.

When did you last spend valuable time with yourself? You’ve probably heard of this crazy thing called self-care? It’s not crazy! It’s much needed… and you shouldn’t feel guilty about taking time just for yourself. Many times people feel guilty, but why? You very much so deserve it. Take a night to find a new book, watch a favorite movie, try yoga, meditate, get a massage, hike, lay at the beach, go on vacation, or cook a new recipe! The world has endless opportunities for whatever your heart desires!

Next time you’re driving somewhere, take the scenic route. Take in the views. Stop trying to race to your end destination and actually be grateful for the world in front of your eyes. Driving through open fields, mountains, or in view of a city skyline can be very relaxing.

Even just a few moments of meditation can set the tone for the rest of the your day. Try to empty your mind and take deep breaths before jumping into your tasks. There are many deep breathing exercises that you can practice and can actually be very beneficial to your health. It can decrease your blood pressure, slow your heart rate down, and help you to relax. Some people with anxiety disorders have found it helpful when they feel overwhelmed or in a panic. Check out these breathing exercises!

Each morning you wake up or before you go to sleep, think about something that you are grateful for today. Even if it was a bad day, you still lived through a bad day. What someone not here would go through to just have 1 more day. Whether it be you are ALIVE, there is still always something to be grateful for.

10 – TAKE A NAP.
Sleep is good for you! And when your body is tired, it’s clearly asking for a break. Feel like a cold is coming on, take a break and get some rest. Sleep is when your body is in recovery mode and trying to repair itself. We’re also on the go and our body is a smart computer. When it needs a break, give it a break!

IMG_4683.jpgAs you go into this weekend, take a break! Take time for yourself. Get off technology for a while. SLOW DOWN. Get off that phone! Take care of yourself!
Have a beautiful and safe weekend friends!
Peace, Love, and Awesomeness,
Coach MelRan ❤



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