Another Year Older… Reflections of a 34 year old

There comes a time in your life when you don’t look forward to getting older. When you’re younger, milestones such as turning 16 years old so you can drive. Turning 18 is when you become an adult. 21 years old… I can legally drink! I think after that, I just stopped remembering how old I was turning because I didn’t think I had anymore milestones to look forward too. Was I afraid of getting older? Was there anything to look forward too?

Well for me, I am proud to be turning 34 years old today!! I don’t need much. I hate being the center of attention. All I wanted was to be around people most important to me, doing what I love. I woke up today feeling grateful. I am grateful that I have another year to do and see more in the world. So much things to learn. So many things to see in the world. I think what freaks me out more is not having enough time. That’s one fault I have. And my husband knows it all too well. When we go on vacation, I try to pack in too much on our schedule and that’s because I want to experience as much as I can while we’re at that destination. And all too many times, I plan way too many things. But he accepts me for that! And I am grateful for him.

For my birthday this year, as we prepare for our upcoming move back to the mainland from beautiful Hawaii, we wanted to island hop to an island we’ve been meaning to visit. That is the beautiful island of Kauai. Everyone kept telling me that it would probably be my favorite! And they were right! The island is gorgeous… so much untouched beauty. And it was SOOOO GREEN! And I just wanted to share with you my birthday weekend!

Awa’awapuhi Trail – views of the Napali Coast

Living in Hawaii for the past 3 years, I’ve learned that nature is my therapy. I never thought I would be an outdoor girl! I mean, I’m a city girl at heart, born and raised in Chicago. Never camped or hiked or anything like that. I mean, we didn’t have that there. I’m not a religious person either, but I’ve learned that I am spiritual. And nature brings out my spirituality. So I’ve come to appreciate all the beautiful things nature has to give. It’s a way for me to take a break from people and just your everyday hectic life. Great exercise and it’s refreshing to breathe in the fresh air. Nature is an amazing thing and to be able to still be physically active and get to see the views that some people cannot, I am so grateful for.


I also got to experience the Napali Coast by boat. I was soooo proud of myself that I DID NOT get seasick!! It was a pretty rough ride… but exciting! I took preventative measures to prevent tho… started off drinking some ginger juice and also had a Scopolamine Patch. That did the trick! We got to see a bunch of spinner dolphins, honus, explored some sea caves and saw a ton of waterfalls.

So much beauty on this little island, I didn’t want to leave. We had a short little 4 day weekend on this island, but we did so much! We managed to fit in 3 hikes, a boat coastal tour, drove all over the island and ate awesome food. A trip I will never forget for sure. I don’t need any material things for my birthday. I crave experiences like this. I definitely did not have enough time to explore all I wanted to explore. I mean, I’ve lived on Oahu for a little over 3 years and there is still a TON of things I want to do. I can only hope some day, I will be back to explore some more. In the meantime, I truly enjoyed my birthday weekend. Cheers to being 34 years old with no plans of slowing down! I can’t wait to see what this year brings. I hope you enjoyed my favorite photos of my trip 🙂 Just remember, do what makes YOU happy! Take care of yourself!



Happy Monday and I hope you have a great week! Do something new this week. Something you’ve been holding yourself back from doing. Remember time is something you just won’t ever get back!
Peace, Love and Awesomeness,
Coach MelRan ❤



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