Progress! Phase 2 complete… HOLY RESULTS!

So I’ve completed Phase 2 of the Elimination Diet and before I move on to Phase 3 of reintroducing some foods, I have discovered a few things:

Normal blood pressure without MEDICATIONS!! Just using REAL WHOLE FOODS!

– Blood pressure is within normal limits… no meds yippee! Haven’t been on meds since last year when I told my primary care provider I’m taking myself off the meds because I know I can fix it without medications 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽#AdvocateForYourself #FoodAsMedicine (side note, i was in the ER last year for a blood pressure that was crazy high like 190s/110s or something crazy like that 😱😱😱)

– Skin has cleared and I took myself off of a regimen I’ve been using for maybe 4 or more years for my acne (One of my main concerns!) #TryingToDoNatural

– Energy levels are up.. and I haven’t had any coffee or even Herbal teas for the need of caffeine

– No bloat! My stomach is flatter yippee

– No heartburn or any digestive issues.. no trouble with 💩 😜

– Lost weight! Although this wasn’t my main goal, I lost almost 8lbs 😳 and I never measured my foods or counted calories. Just took out foods that are common causes of inflammation. Oh and that’s a lot for someone who only weighs 109lbs. (Inflammation makes you gain weight cuz you hold on to so much water FYI). I only used REAL WHOLE FOODS where I didn’t have to read a label to decide whether or not it was good enough. With all the supplements that are out there… shakes.. quick fixes.. adding energy to your water… NONE OF THAT WAS USED!! Nourish yourself with good quality, organic fruits and vegetables, organic meats etc!! Voila!

People that have known me throughout the years, have always been surprised when I saw that I have hypertension (high blood pressure) because I never really have weight issues! But weight doesn’t mean anything. What’s going on inside the body is a whole different story. I also don’t have genetics that favor my side (both my parents have hypertension and high cholesterol.. also there’s a history too of Type 2 diabetes). So the more I learn about inflammation, gut health and what is going on in the food industry nowadays, I want to do as much as I can to heal myself without the use of medications. Have you looked at the side effects of a lot of those medications lately?? CRAZY how something you should be treating, has the side effects of worse things!

While I’m nervous now starting to add back certain foods that may be causing some inflammation in my body.. it’ll be great to know which foods are the culprit and from there choose whether or not to splurge once in a while or be free of it and just let it go!

The key to being HAPPY is knowing you have the power to choose what to accept and what to let go!

While this is not a weight loss diet, nor is it meant to be longterm (until you figure out what food triggers your symptoms and then you customize your diet plan) the side effect is weight loss lol! It’s because you’re ridding yourself of common irritants that cause inflammation in your body! How cool is that? All done with REAL WHOLE FOODS!


If you are curious whether or not this diet might be the answers to some of your aches and pains… message me! I’ve got 3 clients I’m helping with the use of this diet to see if we can heal them through food! Of course I offer other things as a coach and will help keep you accountable… but we can do this together!

I hope you have an awesome rest of the weekend as we move into another awesome week!
Peace, Love and Awesomeness,

Coach MelRan ❤



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