Do You Chew Your Food??

I’m on Day 9 of the Elimination Diet and in Phase 2 (which is the elimination portion of the challenge), and I’ve concluded how much satisfying it is to chew your food! During the Detox Phase, because it was a period of time where we were trying to calm our gut and give it a bit of a break, we drank all our meals for 2 days. When I transitioned into eating solids again on Day 3, I was the happiest person ever! EVERYTHING tasted SO GOOD!! It makes you realize how much you miss chewing and the taste of the food and satisfaction you get from doing something so simple! Yet we forget how when we’re in such a rush or we’re not even being mindful as to what we’re eating, we sometimes don’t even chew our food! We have teeth for a reason and we have to chew for a reason right??

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Here’s some informative facts on the importance of chewing! Of course, the obvious, chewing helps to break down your foods into smaller pieces to help it to digest a little bit easier. But what happens when you chew, you also produce these enzymes that will assist the chewing process in the breakdown of foods. For example, we secrete an enzyme called salivary amylase which helps to break apart carbohydrates and another is salivary lipase which helps to break down fats later in digestion. So what happens when were are not chewing our food enough or at all?? What can go wrong? You ever scarf your food down because you just don’t have the time to sit and relax at work and just have to get it down? Then all of sudden you start to feel a little pressure in your chest, a little burning, get a bit gassy and maybe even start burping up your foods. All these symptoms, gas, nausea, bloating, diarrhea or constipation is a result of food particles not being broken down in the mouth because of not chewing enough!

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In the Elimination Diet book, they mention a study that was completed in 2009, a group of researchers with the Department of Foods and Nutrition at Purdue University tested the number of chews of a food and its impact on nutrient absorption. The results were pretty clear! Can you guess?? OF COURSE!! Why am I writing this blog haha. So of course the group that chewed more (40 chews to be exact) absorbed more nutrients than the group that only chewed 10 times. They didn’t have exactly how much more nutrients were absorbed, but they didn’t post the full study.

So point is, slow your roll and enjoy your food. Be mindful and thankful of the food you are about to it. Take time before you start eating to acknowledge and be grateful that you are able to chew your food. Slow down and savor your food and you’ll do your digestion and the rest of your body a big favor! Plus it’ll save you from those not so fun gassy symptoms and you also can enjoy some YOU time! Count your chews! I challenge you!

LucieXYZ-005I hope you’re having a great start to your week! I’m on Day 9 of my Elimination Diet Challenge and going strong! Feeling great and enjoying trying all these new recipes! I will continue to update the recipes section of my website! Just sit tight!
Peace, Love, and Awesomeness,

Coach MelRan ❤


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