Phase 1 – Detox (Elimination Diet)

As I’m writing, I’ve just finished Day 1 and 2 of the Elimination Diet which is the detox phase. I’d have to say… it wasn’t bad at all!! The recipes I tried were delicious and I actually wasn’t hungry at all. I did drink a ton of water throughout the day. You can freely drink water, coconut water and some decaf herbal teas throughout the day. Also, if you do plan on doing this diet, during this phase, because your body is detoxing, you will pee a sh%t ton!! So be prepared haha! ALSO.. I wasn’t planning on losing weight because that’s not my goal here… but I did lose almost 3 lbs in these 2 days! Take note… as your inflammation in your body is going down, you’ll lose water weight initially but also because your body is less inflamed, your body will be functioning better and able to take in the nutrients you are giving to maintain a healthy weight. So weight-loss is a great side effect! So celebrate that!

So if you read my other blog post about what the Elimination Diet entails, you will see that it’s meant to be short term, only 2 days. This sets your body up to calm the gut down and essentially set you up for success for the rest of the challenge. It’s boosting your immune system by giving you a boost of nutrients and also giving your digestive system a rest. During this phase, you’ve basically gone vegan and drink all your food. During this time, I didn’t realize how much chewing my food was important to me! I missed chewing my food and took that for granted. So when I drank my smoothies or sipped my soup that I made, I sipped it slow and did a chewing motion just to satisfy my palate a bit more. It also helped me to slow my “eating” down and to really taste the food. So I suggest to you to try and savor your food and really pay attention to the flavors.

So here’s what my meal plan looked like during this 2 day phase!

BREAKFAST – Verry Berry Chia Smoothie
LUNCH – Pineapple Green Smoothie
SNACK – Chicken Broth
DINNER – Creamy Broccoli-Mushroom Soup

IMG_0550    IMG_4155.JPG   IMG_4852    IMG_4152

IMG_9732    IMG_4162

BREAKFAST – Pineapple Green Smoothie
LUNCH – Creamy Broccoli-Mushroom Soup
SNACK – Pineapple Green Smoothie (I liked it that much)
DINNER – Butternut Squash Soup

IMG_4165  IMG_4166  IMG_4175  IMG_4177

IMG_4172   IMG_4179

All in all… it went well!! I was tired waking up the 2nd day, but I drank a ton of water when I woke up and I was fine! This may be too much information, but bathroom #2 was normal! No running to the bathroom and almost pooping myself or anything like that just in case somebody was worried about doing that! My suggestion if you were wanting to start the Elimination Diet, in order to be successful with the Detox Phase, I suggest starting it on a Saturday if you work Monday through Friday… just to give yourself 2 days to prepare for the Detox phase and also to avoid temptations! Use these 2 days to relax and reflect. Start practicing with a food journal and start taking note of how you are feeling. You’ll want to journal daily to keep tract of your symptoms! During this phase… also start looking into Phase 2 which is the Elimination Phase and start prepping for that! Get excited about all the goodness you will get to eat and how much you will nourish your body!

I will catch up on sharing these recipes with everyone! Just sit tight! I hope you enjoyed this update so far! I’m on Day 3 as I’m writing! Can’t wait to continue sharing this journey!


Have an awesome week!! Wish me luck haha!
Peace, Love, and Awesomeness
Coach MelRan ❤





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