The Elimination Diet

Have you wondered why you always feel bloated eating certain foods? Or have you noticed that you’ve just been feeling so tired all the time or just can’t seem to think clearly? Do you experience every day pains such as joint pain, headaches, gas and bloating, eczema or acne or even unexplained weight gain? It’s possible that the every day foods that you are eating may be the culprit of these symptoms!

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I’ve come to learn that food is a pretty powerful tool to help lots of people heal from the inside out. And the gut plays a HUGE role in lots of preventable diseases that are occurring in our everyday lives. You may have heard “The gut is the gateway to disease.” and I think it may be right! I won’t go into too much detail about how the gut works and everything and how it may cause disease, I’ll save that for another blog post and link it to here, but it’s fascinating how much we know now and how it’s linked to a lot of inflammation. So anyways… so with food being such a powerful healing tool, this can be your answer to all the pain you are experiencing! If you can just figure out what triggers such symptoms, wouldn’t it be easier to avoid that food all together? YES! If it’s causing you that much problems, I’d be all for it!

So in comes the Elimination Diet!

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The elimination diet is a short term diet which helps to determine which foods cause your body to react badly. The goal is to use food to calm inflammation and restore balance to the body. This program takes out the most commonly causing irritants and reintroduces it to determine whether or not you get certain symptoms with certain foods. The crazy thing is, sometimes people don’t realize they are having bad reactions to foods on a daily basis, but its not as severe. But because those symptoms occur so frequently, the individual gets used to it or just finds a quick fix to help. For example, with reflux. People will just take an antacid to help. But they aren’t getting to the root cause of why they are having reflux. They don’t think it’s a problem until something more severe occurs… and that’s when they have to go to the doctor because over the counter interventions aren’t working anymore. But that’s the elimination diet! Figuring out which foods are irritating your body basically.

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The best part of the elimination diet is there is absolutely NO FOCUS ON CALORIE COUNTING! You are eating for energy, healing and metabolic function. You’ll learn that the baseline diet here is all nutritious organic, whole and anti-inflammatory type foods. So all stuff that’s good for you anyways.

** If you have a known food allergy, this is not the diet to be testing this out. That should be done with the supervision of a doctor. This diet is more geared towards figuring out if your body is sensitive to certain foods. **

The challenge can run anywhere from 4 weeks to as long as almost 3 months, depending on the number of foods you are trying to test for yourself. The diet has 3 phases.
The Detox Phase – helps to calm the immune system first and clear the gut.
The Elimination Phase – This is the baseline diet which consists of anti-inflammatory foods that don’t typically cause an immune response in most people.
The Reintroduction Phase – This is where foods are added back in, one by one, to monitor whether or not your body is reacting to it a certain way. This phase will differ in lengths from one individual to another depending on if they do have a reaction and also depending on how many foods they are testing out.

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Lots of people that have successfully completed the elimination diet have been able to reduce, if not completely eliminate some of their symptoms. And to think, just with food! Now that is powerful! Below are 8 benefits that you can experience from eliminating foods that may be irritating your body!

1. A clear mind
2. A calm gut
3. No pain
4. Headache free
5. Better breathing
6. Clearer skin
7. Increased energy
8. Weight control

A thing to note with this diet, it’s not a long term diet. It’s a program to determine whether or not the foods you eat on a daily basis, is something that your body might be reacting to. This is not to determine severe food allergies! That will be done with the supervision of your primary care physician. Although people this should not be done for the sole purpose of losing weight, an awesome side effect is weight loss. Because with inflammation, people usually gain weight. So by removing and decreasing the inflammatory response in your body, you will in turn lose weight. So win win in my book. I suggest picking a time when you know you don’t have a holiday happening or a vacation in the middle of your elimination diet challenge. It’s important to stick to it so that you can be 100% sure with the reintroduction phase. Depending on how many foods you are testing, minimum I’d say is 4 weeks!

Some FAQs

Q: Will I ever be able to eat the foods again?

A: Yes! After the reintroduction phase and determining which foods are causing symptoms to you, of course I would leave it out. During this time, it’s time to allow your gut to heal. Through pre and probiotics and adding in digestive enzymes, your gut will be able to heal. It has been recommended to wait at least 6 months before trying that food again and seeing if you are still having symptoms. Some people have experienced a lesser degree of the symptom and some may not react anymore! Everyone is different, but you can always do the challenge again.

Q: What if I cheat?

A: Cheating affects your results. Your immune system is smart and will react so it may be hard to pinpoint the full list of foods that works and doesn’t work for your body.

Q: Can I do the diet while pregnant?

A: Absolutely! We’re not depriving you on nutrition on this diet! We’re not even paying attention to calories 🙂 The only change, they recommend skipping the detox phase and just going straight to the elimination phase.

So what do you think?! If you are someone experiencing some of these symptoms explained above

  • Digestive issues such as gas, bloating, nausea
  • Reflux
  • Frequent headaches
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Skin problems
  • Brain fog
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Joint pain

JOIN MY ELIMINATION CHALLENGE!! It’s a 6 week challenge and you’ll get me as your accountability coach. I will lead you through the program through the 3 phases. You will have support, unlimited resources, meal plan ideas and recipes and of course, unlimited accountability from me! Fill out the form below and we’ll chat more about the details!

I hope you enjoyed this information or found it beneficial to someone else! Please share to someone who may benefit from it.

Happy Aloha Friday Friends! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!
Peace, Love and Awesomeness,
Coach MelRan ❤



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