Do Things That Make You Happy

Sounds easy enough right? You’d think so! But actually when you think about it.. how many things are YOU doing only because OTHER people think it’s fun??

I thought of this blog post while I sit here on the beach here in Hawaii watching turtles surface up to the beach to take a break from swimming in the wonderful Hawaii waters, I’m sitting here reading my book, The Happiness Project and the other is trying to add more fun things to her daily life to see if it increases her happiness. What she’s finding out, is that what might make other people happy, may not necessarily make her happy. Lots of truth when you think about it!

So here I am… with my friends taking them around the island, and they love swimming! They wanna snorkel. Ok gotcha! I know where to go! I’m not a great swimmer so it was never one that I ever got excited for, but I do enjoy it when I’m in the mood. But of course, love taking people around and doing what they want to do because of course they’re on vacation and I live here! But for me, what makes me happy is sitting right on the beach with a good book and just relaxing! Swimming is not for me.. great to cool off in tho for sure!But it got me thinking… lots of people simply just don’t do what makes them happy! They end up living the lives others because they just want others to be happy.. but what about themselves? They forget that they matter too and to be authentic to themselves. They end up missing out. And then I truly believe they start to forget what it is that does make them happy and what kind of things and activities they like to do! I know for me, I love to hike.. but that might not be for other people which is ok! They just gotta say so. But don’t do it because other people think it’s fun. Yes go ahead and try it, but don’t continue to force yourself if it really isn’t for you!

So I say, a challenge for you friends, this month or next month, do something daily that is true to you and makes you happy. Try something new! Go to a new restaurant… try a new activity/sport, meet new people, travel to a new city or even a new country, watch a new show or movie, read a new book… etc. The most important thing is that it has to make YOU HAPPY!

For my readers out there, what kind of things make you happy that maybe other people may not?! Share with me! I’d love to hear what you do!

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