What are these Orangetheory Workouts??

You may or may not have heard of these new trendy workouts but there have been many of these gyms popping up and I see more and more friends jumping in on this crazy 1 hour workout! YES… 1 HOUR! And it’s not just 1 hour of your typical going to the gym and figuring out a routine for yourself… it’s High Intensity Interval Training aka HIIT type of a workout lead by a coach!


So I first heard about this workout through my sister who became instantly hooked after her free trial when a new location popped up in Chicago. And let me tell you… she’s gotten AWESOME results from these workouts! Props to my sister Lily yay!



The workouts are heart rate based interval training. You’ve probably either heard from others or been curious and looked at their website, but they focus on getting you into different heart rate zones. You do this by wearing 1 of the 2 heart rate monitors that’s specific to Orangetheory (chest strap or arm band) You can see here in the image, there are 5 different zones. Once you sign up for a 1st class, your coach will go over what each zones mean and then during class, they lead you into each zone. Orangetheory ups the accountability by having a few big screens showcase EVERYONE’S heart rate on the monitors so you can see who’s really pushing and others who need to push just a little more! Some people may not like this, but for others with a little competitive nature THRIVE on this! I myself love seeing my numbers to keep me accountable with how hard I’m pushing. I love it even better when the coaches call you out and push you even harder! But that’s me!

You’re in competition with yourself… because depending on your weight, height and age, that’ll determine your heart rate zones and how hard you have to push to get into those zones. In this image, this is what’s posted on the treadmills so you can have some guidelines to perform the treadmill challenges. But you can see here when the coach yells out, base pace, depending if you’re a Power Walker, Jogger or Runner, it tells you what you should be doing. Then when they say Push Pace, you’ll increase either your speed or your incline depending on what the challenge is for that day. All while you’re doing this, you’re paying attention to your heart rate to see if you’re in the Orange Zone. Basically, if you’re in your Push Pace, you should be working hard enough to be in that Orange Zone!



Another way to motivate yourself is getting SPLAT points. What the heck are splat points you might ask. Well you get splat points for every minute you are in the Orange and the Red Zone. In order to get the most afterburn effect, which is explained down below, you want to try and get a minimum of 12 splat points per class.


Just a little background for you on why this method of training works. It’s backed by the science of Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (or EPOC), Orangetheory’s heart rate monitored training is designed to maintain a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy. We call it the afterburn effect. Our members burn an estimated 500 to 1,000 calories in 60 minutes. And keep burning calories for up to 36 hours. Who wouldn’t want to continue burning calories AFTER your workout is done! So for each class, the coach introduces themselves and then explains what the class will be for that day. The awesome thing about these classes, NONE OF THE CLASSES ARE EVER THE SAME! Every workout is different. They claim that nobody will ever do the same class twice. Some of the classes will be Strength (focusing on increased weight), Power (focusing on more explosive movements, Endurance (going the distance) ESP (Endurance, Strength, and Power) and many more fun challenges along the way! One I did just this past weekend was the Everest challenge… basically on the treadmill portion, we kept increasing our incline by 1% every minute until we were at an incline of 15 attempting to keep our base pace the same then decreased from there! That workout was killer! But yes…. lots of different challenges to keep you from getting used to anything!


Instead of going to a regular gym and figuring out your routine, your whole 1 hour workout is already set for you! You get a coach for each class, and these coaches show you the correct way to perform the moves and also alternatives in case of any specific injuries you may have, and also motivates you to perform your best throughout the whole class! Each coach is different in how they motivate, so the more you go, the more likely you’ll have your favorites. But nonetheless, they are there to lead you through the whole class! This is great because they designed the classes to be efficient and to keep you moving basically the whole class! You get in and you get out… calories will definitely be burned, and if you don’t feel that you didn’t get a good workout… well, you didn’t push yourself hard enough! YOU GOTTA TRY IT TO BELIEVE ME!


  • Lots of gyms you can use all over the U.S. so great for those who travel.
  • You get a coach with each class. It’s like having a personal trainer except in a group setting.
  • No slacking because your heart rates are posted on the screen for everyone to see!
  • Great for people who are competitive
  • Don’t have to think about your workouts. It’s laid out for you!
  • Different workout routine EVERY SINGLE DAY!
  • So many challenges to keep you from getting bored
  • Burn calories even after you’re done working out… up to 36 hours after!
  • AWESOME MUSIC the whole class
  • There’s an app that tracks all your workouts so you can track how many calories and splat points you got for the week and the month


  • More expensive than most gyms
  • You have to sign up for each class and sometimes they fill up. And if you don’t show up, you get charged for that class (I think this helps to get you to go tho! My opinion)
  • Can’t pick your own workout routines. You do what they tell you.
  • You have to run in every class (I hate running haha… but this is tolerable!)
  • Not great for people that don’t like group classes or competition
  • Depending on your locations, there are specific class times that may not fit your schedule
  • 1 hour long classes… no shorter ones if needed

As you can see, there are many benefits to Orangetheory, but for some people, this workout may not be for them. But the most important thing is finding something that works for you! Many people don’t like joining gyms because they either fear not knowing what workouts to do or even machines to use. Or they just don’t want the stress of having to cancel a membership later if they don’t use it! So you should definitely find something that suits you so that you get excited to go every time! Everyone is different, THERE IS NO BEST WORKOUT.

The best workout is the one that gets you moving!

Well, I hope this little review helped to inform you a little bit more about the Orangetheory workouts. I hope you at least get to try a class… IT’S FREE anyways! So why not!!

My husband and I after signing up!

Happy Monday and hope you have a great week!

Peace, Love, and Awesomeness!

Coach MelRan ❤






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1 thought on “What are these Orangetheory Workouts??

  1. Even though the workouts are tough, being around other people working their asses off, the bumpin’ music, and challenges make it all worth it. I don’t really get an endorphin rush very often when I work out, but these work outs push your heart rate high enough and long enough that I get a nice little “runner’s high.” It’s way better than running 10-12 miles with no music all by your lonesome 😦 Boring!


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