Confessions of a Fad Dieter

How many diets have you tried? How many have worked for you? Have you kept the weight off? My friend just started selling these shakes… this coffee that helps me lose weight, ohhh I just have to add this to my water and BAM I’ve got endless amounts of energy and guess what??? I DON’T HAVE TO CHANGE THE WAY I EAT!! Does this resonate with anyone??


There are so many things out there now, no wonder people are confused with what they have to do to get healthy. So many supplements… so many different diets! I get it. I’VE BEEN THERE!! Life gets in the way and sometimes you put your health down in your priority list. Then one day you realize, clothes haven’t been fitting that nice. Not sleeping well at all. Energy levels are all out of whack. You just feel sick all the time. Then you realize, somethings gotta change. But then you see a friend post on FB their awesome results because they started taking a certain supplement and they’ve lost 10lbs in a week! You think to yourself… well they got great results, why not me?? Too good to be true? NO! While their products may work for the meantime and probably pretty quick, will these results last? Probably not. I’m not here to bash any products or any company because honestly, yes I do believe the products DO WORK… they are just NOT SUSTAINABLE! They also don’t take into account different factors that each individual person has! Some people feel better when they eat less animal products. But there are others that perform better on animal protein! It’s all about the individual person. So many factors such as genetic makeup and lifestyle come into play.

Here’s my two cents, everyone is different. What works for one person, may not work for everyone.

vegetables and tomatoes on cutting board

First with food, GO BACK TO THE BASICS! Sounds so simple, but it is! Take a quick look at what you’re currently eating. Are you having to read the labels to check ingredients? If you have to contemplate whether or not it’s good for you, it probably isn’t! Choose REAL FOODS! An apple is an apple. Spinach is spinach. No hidden ingredients! And you don’t have to throw everything out of your pantry or fridge. Start small with changes! Instead of focusing on what foods you’re going to take away, focus on adding something good in your diet. One week, try increasing the amount of water you are drinking and just focus on that! Take note of some of the changes you feel when you start hydrating your body with something as simple as water. Try this for 2 weeks! Maybe the next week, try adding a new green vegetable you’ve never really tried before! Experiment with that. Try it rawtry it steamedtry it sauteed with different herbs and oils. Again, take note of how adding this vegetable makes your body feel! By trying new things and adding in foods that are REAL FOODS and more NOURISHING for your body,  you’ll start to notice hopefully great changes happening! And sometimes, the food that you’re adding in may not be right for you, but that’s why you add things in slowly and try to take note with how your body reacts to it! In no time, your body will start to crave less nutritious foods because now your body is getting the right nutrition that it needs. Take notice of your energy levels and how your sleeping habits are changing too! A plus that comes with nourishing your body with what it needs, your waistline will thank you!

appetite apple close up delicious

My next opinion is about supplements. I’m all for taking supplements that support your body naturally… example is multivitamins, omega 3s, depending on your diet some people may need to supplement with Vitamin B12 for example if it’s lacking in their diets… etc. But I don’t agree with taking supplements to substitute for eating REAL FOOD and getting the nutrition that way. So many companies now are selling different shakes… and even coffee! Why does this not work? Because it’s not sustainable and doesn’t teach people to physically change their habits! It works YES! But it’s more of a quick fix to lose the weight fast. But unless people aren’t changing the habits that put them there in the first place, the results don’t last. Why I’m an advocate for just choosing REAL FOOD, because real food will always be there! Fruit will always be available. Vegetables will always be available. Supplements in the form of shakes won’t forever be there! Companies change their products all the time, so it’s not something you can rely on. Again, there will be some people that these supplements absolutely work for them and they continue to have great success in the long run, which is awesome! But for most, it’s just not right for them. You just have to find what works for you!

All in all, if you feel lost at this point and just don’t even know where to begin, I am here to help! I understand those feelings of being lost. I’ve had my weight yo yo… I’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure and have also been put on medications to decrease that. It’s messed with my self esteem and it’s also driven me crazy and almost obsessive to the point where it wasn’t healthy. I myself have tried many different diets. I’ve tried the extreme diets and went as far as going Vegan and have also been on a Ketogenic diet! Both have worked in different ways, but both were not as sustainable for me in the long run. I LOVE trying different supplements and supporting other friends’ businesses along the way, but I knew I don’t want to rely on those supplements forever. But what I learned through my certification and listening to my body, but also taking into account all areas of my life including my career, relationships, spirituality, and physical activity, I learned that it’s all about balance. I can’t wait to share some tips along the way, but if you are looking for 1 on 1 coaching, support and accountability, we should talk! Let’s stop all the confusion right now and figure out a plan that works for you so that you can live a life full of awesomeness! I am confident I can help nourish and heal your body from within!


Peace, Love, and Awesomeness

~ Coach Melran




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